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Message from Top Management

Director General & President Motoharu Kinoshita

Kaketsuken was established as a biological pharmaceutical developer and manufacturer in December 1945, following a proposal by Professor Toyoichi Otawara (of Kumamoto Medical University).

Kaketsuken’s origin is deeply linked to the conviction of Professor Otawara. Professor Otawara hoped to contribute to the life expectancy and health of all Japanese people by easing the public health crisis that followed the end of the Second World War.

With this goal in mind, Kaketsuken began as a small institute in Kumamoto with only ten employees, and soon launched its first product, a smallpox vaccine.
Over the years, Kaketsuken has grown to be recognized across Japan as a unique biological pharmaceutical company that researches, develops, manufactures and supplies human vaccines, blood plasma products and veterinary products for livestock.

Kaketsuken also plays an important role in national security by developing, manufacturing and supplying pharmaceuticals for emergency preparedness, such as vaccines against pandemic influenza, smallpox and a wide range of toxins.

We will continue to work to contribute to life expectancy, health, and food safety through the development, production and supply of biological pharmaceuticals, screening newborns for congenital disorders, and other activities.

From Kaketsuken’s foundation, my predecessors have pushed Kaketsuken forward with the dream of contributing to society by protecting the health of all people. By ensuring that all of Kaketsuken’s employees share this spirit, I aspire to push Kaketsuken to new heights as a pharmaceutical manufacturer.

By completing this goal, we also aim to contribute to Kumamoto’s recovery from the earthquakes that struck in 2016.