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Branches and Affiliates

Kaketsuken Headquarters

In 1972, the fully equipped "Shimizu Research Center" became Kaketsuken's Headquarters taking the place of the Kyomachi Research Center. On the premises of approximately 147,000m 2 , there are a Y-shaped main building, a plasma fractionation production building, a vaccine production building, a management building, and an employee hall, among other buildings. In 2011, a new drug production building (Building ER), a new production building (Building M1) and a new management building were completed. Owing to the contemporary premises, each department of research, development, production, sales, quality assurance, and management, is fully equipped.
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Administration building Building M1 Building ER

Kikuchi Research Center

The Kikuchi Research Center was established in 1985 for research and development in the "Bioforest" of the Kumamoto Technopolis Project. The Center has invented various advanced technologies as groundwork for biotechnology, playing a key role in the Kumamoto Technopolis Project. The vast premises of approximately 248,000m 2 comes complete with a main research building, a GLP building, an applied research and Manufacturing building, and an welfare hall, among other buildings. In 2005,completion of the recombinant albumin(factory KR) factory.
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Aso Lab.

On the 118,000m2, premises, with Mt. Aso in the background, there is a management building, a stable, a specific pathogen free (SPF) chicken house, a duck house, and a pig pen. SPF animals, snake venom, and antitoxic serums are produced here. In 2003, completion of the Aso lab for the production of antitoxins.
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Health and Welfare Facilities

Substantial Health and Welfare Facilities
The "Fureai" employees hall at the Headquarters, and the "Komorebi" employees hall at the Kikuchi Research Center.

Kaketsuken regards healthy, cheerful, and fulfilled employees as important strengths in developing superior products. Accordingly, we have emphasized the health and welfare of our staff. With the aim of fostering the healthy minds and bodies of our employees, a welfare (employees) hall was established in both the Headquarters and the Kikuchi Research Center, based on the special welfare fund system of the labor-management agreement. The "Komorebi," completed in 1994, is the employee hall of the Kikuchi Research Center, with a gross floor area of approximately 2,300 m2, having two stories above ground and one below. There is an exercise room in the basement of the Komorebi, and on the first floor a cafeteria with a seating capacity of 250, a Japanese-style room, and a shop. The second floor is made up of meeting rooms and a lounge area. These facilities provide work break areas for our staff.

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Affiliate Corporations

Educational Corporation Ginkyo-Gakuen, Kumamoto Health Science University

This university opened as a four-year university in April 2003 through the Ginkyo-Gakuen Junior College (3-year system) which was previously a health laboratory technician training center as one of the public service projects in 1959. A Department of Medical Technology, Department of Nursing and a Department of Rehabilitation (Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy) are included in the Health Science Department and a separate graduate school, Midwifery Course, and Authorization nurse curriculum the university curriculum which is training the next generation of medical science technicians.
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Medical Corporation Kyowakai, Jonan Hospital

With a total of 232 beds, this hospital consists of the following departments providing a wide range of medical care services: Internal Medicine, Neurology, Respiratory Medicine, Gastrointestinal Medicine, Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Rehabilitation, Dermatology, Psychiatry, and Anesthesiology.
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List of establishments

Headquarters 1-6-1 Okubo, Kita-ku, Kumamoto-shi,
Kumamoto 860-8568, Japan en-map-icon 
TEL.+81-96-344-1211 FAX.+81-96-345-1345
Kikuchi Research Center 1314-1 Kyokushi Kawabe, Kikuchi-shi,
Kumamoto 869-1298, Japan en-map-icon
TEL+81-968-37-3100 FAX.+81-968-37-3616
Aso Lab. 2091 Nagakusa, Aso-shi,
Kumamoto 869-2231, Japan en-map-icon
TEL.+81-967-35-0830 FAX.+81-967-35-1314
Delivery Center Sugimizu, Ozu-machi, Kikuchi-gun,
Kumamoto 869-1236, Japan
TEL.+81-96-293-1621 FAX.+81-96-293-1609

Tokyo Office/Tokyo Branch

4-5-10 Shirokanedai, Minato-ku,
Tokyo 108-0071, Japan en-map-icon
TEL.+81-3-3443-0177 FAX.+81-3-3449-7605
Nagasaki Branch 30-10 Ogimachi, Nagasaki-shi,
Nagasaki 852-8132, Japan en-map-icon
TEL.+81-95-845-6116 FAX.+81-95-848-2997