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Business Summary

Kaketsuken is a "pharmaceutical company" specializing in the field of biotechnology along with the basic technology of immunology, hematology and microbiology, as well as conducting research and development, manufacturing and supply.

Vaccines for Human Use

Influenza, Japanese encephalitis, DPT, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, etc.

Contributing to the prevention of infections through the development and supply of vaccines with our superior technology.
Kaketsuken's history of vaccine production started with the smallpox vaccine over a half century ago. Since then, we have produced many vaccines including those for typhoid and typhus, and have contribued to the eradication of communicable diseases in Japan. In recent years, through the collaboration with companies and universities in Japan and overseas, we have been working on the development of new vaccines such as cell culture-derived influenza vaccines and combined vaccines having DPT as a core. Kaketsuken strives for the prevention of infections through the development and supply of superior vaccines.


Vaccines for Veterinary Use

For poultry, porcine, bovine and equine use, etc.
Supporting the development of the livestock industry and a safe dietary life
Kaketsuken has been developing vaccines for swine fever, fowl pox and Newcastle disease since the beginning of the Japanese livestock industry, and has played a significant role in the prevention of acute communicable diseases. The vaccines vary from fowl to pigs, cattle, dogs and cats. In recent years, we have been focusing on products for porcine use, and advancing the development of various high-quality vaccines. In order to supply high-quality effective products, we use the most advanced equipment in compliance with GMP standards, and contribute to the stable supply and improvements in the hygiene of livestock products.

Blood Plasma Products

Immunoglobulin, albumin, blood coagulation factor products, body tissue adhesives, etc.
Contributing to the treatment of congenital disorders and serious diseases, providing safe and high-quality products
Blood plasma products are medicines produced from precious domestic blood donation, where proteins that are effective for treating various diseases are extracted from the plasma and highly purified. Immunoglobulin products, albumin products and blood coagulation factor products are applied depending on the purpose of treatment. Kaketsuken contributes to medical treatment through its use of the most advanced equipment as well as the development and supply of safe and superior products.

Newborn Screening Tests

Reliable services for a wide variety of diagnoses based on proven performances On a commission basis,
Kaketsuken has been conducting screening tests on newborn babies, for amino-acid metabolism abnormalities, hypothyroidism and adrenal hyperplasia. We also introduced a tandem mass spectroscope, and commenced screening tests for various metabolic disorders such as disorders of organic acid metabolism and fatty acid metabolism. As these diseases affect the entire life of the newborn, early discovery and early commencement of treatment using special powdered milk can prevent the development of symptoms. Improving the health of not only humans but also animals, in particular livestock, is an important aspect of our work. Since Kaketsuken started manufacturing veterinary products over half a century ago, it has been conducting clinical tests on animals as part of a technical service for farms throughout Japan.

Quality Assurance System

Consistent management system which complies with world standards
The supply of quality products is a permanent issue for anyone involved in pharmaceutical manufacturing. It is particularly demanded in vital products like drugs, thus we strive for the supply of higher quality products, by conducting strict quality inspection in dozens of stages from the material acceptance inspection to the final product inspection.

Kaketsuken continues its stable production with the latest plant facilities and the production method in compliance with GMP, and the quality in each process is supported with the GMP system and the daily quality management activities. An independent Quality Assurance Division ensures such quality management activities and the manufacturing management system.

We consider an attitude of making decisions objectively is necessary for the provision of better products. We are convinced that such consistent management system supports the development of superior products, resulting in highly regarded products.